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We know you deserve more than just a Lombok holiday. At Mora Royal Villa we want to make sure your Lombok visit be one that will last a lifetime and will be full of experiences that make you feel like a Local and have you longing to return again and even make Lombok a second home. And to make it happen, We have compiled some fun activities you wouldn’t want to miss out when in Lombok and are free for those booking direct through our official booking site. From sunrise trekking in the jungle to traditional market visit to sightseeing tour around the historical sites to holy temple visit and sunset hunting, we’ve got you covered.

Sunrise Trekking at Tanah Embet


Wake up to a Beautiful Sunrise!

What better way to start the day than waking up to a beautiful sunrise. Situated only 8 minutes drive from our villa, Tanah Embet offers a phenomenal morning view of the morning sun rays beaming through the trees in the lush greenery forest. Aside from the serene natural beauty, Tanah embet also offers a unique view of authentic Balinese way of life in the middle of Muslim community neighborhoods.

* Valid for direct reservation only
* For reservation please visit: Official Booking Site

Historical sites Tour: Kota Tua Ampenan


Kota Tua Ampenan Photo by @nauufal_ on Instagram

“If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday” – Pearl Buck

This tour is aimed to give you a preview of Lombok in the past. Kota Tua Ampenan (Ampenan Old Town) is one of the only 43 Jaringan Kota Pusaka Indonesia (Indonesian City heritages) and was the main city of Lombok in the Indian – Dutch era. Ampenan Old Town has dozens of historical buildings from the Indian-Dutch era, all adorned in Chinese and Dutch house designs.

Ampenan also hosts a very heterogeneous village compound consisting of Chinese village, Bugis village, Malay village, Banjar village, Arabian village and Balinese village.

* Valid for direct reservation only
* For reservation please visit: Official Booking Site

Traditional Market Visit: Pasar Kebon Rowek


Pasar Kebon Roek. Photo by @fattybommmbommm

Getting to know more about the Local? No better way to do it than to meet, gather and interact with them. The Traditional market is one of the best places to meet the local.

For some newbies, visiting traditional market might be a bit uncomfortable. But somehow can also be an interesting activity and even a Must-Do for those wanting to experience a truly different kind of shopping where no price tags attached and all depends on the bargaining skills.

For the local, a visit from a foreigner is rare, but you undoubtedly will be welcomed with many smiles and much sincere interest. Indonesians are generally appreciative of a foreigner interest in their cuisine and foodstuffs.

* Valid for direct reservation only
* For reservation please visit: Official Booking Site

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